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Interview with Constantin: Results in freelancing after a 3-month 1:1 Mentorship Program

Education is key to growing into your best self – I’ve said it over and over again, and I’ll stick to it. Continual learning and lifelong development are even more important for freelancers because their business is a one-person show.

A business can never grow more than the person in charge of it. That’s all the more true for freelancers because you are your business – if you’re an independent contractor.

Constantin Boca is a young man who understood that too.

A while back, Constantin enrolled in my mentorship program, through which I help people launch their companies and earn more money from their passions.

Constantin loves the marketing world, so he wanted to become an expert in the field. He didn’t have much practical experience, but he was always an early adopter, learning fast and applying his knowledge systematically to succeed.

I worked one-on-one with Constantin for about three months. From the moment we started collaborating, his life did a 180-degree turn.

That’s why I invited him today, after finishing the program for a while, to recount his experience.

3 months of mentorship and an impressive story about a young man’s successes at the beginning of his journey

I recently asked Constantin, during another conversation, what convinced him to start this mentorship process, and mainly why he chose to work with me.

Here’s what he said:

Well, that one’s easy. During November or December, if I’m not mistaken, I was looking for someone to help me develop my marketing skills – either an agency for an internship or a mentor. That was what I wanted, what I studied, and I wanted to push the gas pedal. I mean, I wanted to exercise my skills or to work with someone one-on-one. And I started asking about it on dedicated social media groups: “Do you know someone, from Iași, possibly, who knows the drill, is a mentor and offers, I don’t know, training on the field?”

And I saw your name recommended numerous times; Claudiu here, Claudiu there! And I said to myself: “Oi, come on, I have to write to him! If so many people are talking about him, he’s gotta be worth it!”

I wrote to you, and at that point, you said no, you’re not taking any more mentees at the end of the year. But you said January could work, and I left it at that; I said ok… December barely moved! I could barely hold it together to begin, do you know that?! I couldn’t wait for January to come so I could start picking your brain, so to speak! And yeah, after we began…

I mean, that’s how I found you! Literally, through recommendations! People recommended you, and I picked you.

Now… seeing where Constantin is and knowing his backstory, I’m thrilled he picked me.

From a run-of-the-mill mentee in my program, Constantin became my friend.

Because for me, mentorship isn’t just about helping people open companies, generate leads and grow their earnings. Mentorship is about LIFE! It’s about living a balanced life and sharing exciting experiences at a new level!

We even went on holiday together, which quickly became a masterclass (we talked about business all day and how to grow our companies while roaming through the enchanting Brussels. Meanwhile, our girls were planning itineraries and discussing their own business right alongside us.)

Here’s a drip photo of us from that holiday.

It’s one of the lit experiences you can live anytime as a freelancer. Because you gain the liberty of handling your own schedule and working from any location worldwide.

It’s an experience we’re planning to repeat as often as possible. Because we can enjoy these trips anywhere in the world, with just a laptop and a backpack.

freelancer district - mentee

Now, fast-forward to Constantin’s results… after the mentorship program.

He launched in the niche he chose, marketing, starting his company, and opening his own online advertising agency with our help.

He even did that with Elena, his fiancée, being somehow inspired by the fact that Nela and I are partners.

I really love that about them because they’re both sticking together. That reminds me of our own business’s beginning when Nela and I were closing ranks.

Well, now moving forward…

I asked Constantin what he liked most about the process of working with me.

What is the most valuable thing when you’re working with a mentor?

Fam, the best thing was the energy and trust! I mean, after each session we had, I felt like, oh man, I can’t not make it; if I stay on track, of course!

And secondly, as I was starting to learn the ropes already, you were bringing me work opportunities. I mean, you were getting me real customers. You got me hands-on projects, not just information and encouragements: “Come on, you can do it!”

I mean, you really got me projects!

“Look, I have someone; you want in?” and I said: “Yes, I want in! Why are we here for, anyway?!”

That was bussin’! You didn’t just throw info at me and say goodbye; handle your own stuff. You actually came with practical work.

And you had this saying; maybe you still do; that you want your sessions to pay for themselves. After working with you, people should get back the sum they invested in your program.

I really got that money tenfold since then, you know?!

Well, just like Constantin and the others who worked with me learned, investing in a mentor is investing in your future. And it’s 100% GUARANTEED – because you can’t lose that money if you stick to the plan.

I always helped people genuinely, bringing them projects, helping them attract their first leads, and offering the opportunity to make the big bucks from something they like.

For me, that’s what it means to work one-on-one in a process with a mentor that helps you build your whole life. A mentorship program isn’t just about business.

And just like I told Constantin at that time, the things he learned from this program are guaranteed to propel him to the next level – from the get-go and on all accounts!

Briefly, how did the mentorship program with Constantin go regarding the financial side?

We’ll let him tell us:

You know, things really came around beautifully in, I don’t know, 3 months tops. I mean, if we started mentorship sessions in January, I already had my company on March 15th, and customers were waiting for the bills! It was lit! 3 months!

That’s why I always say one thing to people: Sure, you’ll be able to do it yourselves – a lot of you – just like I did. But will you be able to do it fast enough and with similar results?

It took me years to get to this level where people who’ve worked with me now get within 3-6 or 12 months.

Entire years to hone my mindset and reach these results.

It took me a lifetime to open a company…why? Because I was stuck in different limiting beliefs… and I was afraid I wouldn’t make it. I was scared I wouldn’t amount anything, and I’d fail.

Then, after I finally decided to take the plunge… I faced other blockages… how would the clients come? What would I say? How would I persuade them to buy?

Well, the road to reaching your dreams can last for years…OR… it can take 3-6 months.

At the end of the day… it’s all up to you.

I decided late. After postponing for years and filling myself with frustration and negative thinking.

You can do the same… or you can take my hand and jump as Constantin and many others did in this mentorship program that helps you launch your business and make money as a freelancer from your passion.

What could go wrong when you invest in a mentorship program?

A lot can go wrong, but a lot can go right. It’s not a straightforward journey.

And each person is different. Still, I’ll always be by your side to solve problems. That’s why we’re working one-on-one.

I asked Constantin what he thinks this program lacked. Here’s what he said.

Honestly, I’d put more emphasis on finding the right niche and, I don’t know, adapt it to the person’s skills or calling.

I mean, at first, we started learning a bit of everything. We learned some copywriting, how to publish a Facebook ad, and how to publish an ad on Google AdWords… Pixels and all that stuff, but we only focused on a niche or two because I don’t know… I feel like a freelancer can only take on one or two areas, let’s say, two skills or at least, I don’t know, take it to a level of… I don’t know, be a pro! Especially because marketing is incredibly dynamic and rules are changing in a blink of an eye, you know what I mean?!

You can’t do everything, all things related to marketing, at a professional level. And that’s why I now feel – and I’m working on it – to choose just one or a maximum of two directions. Two directions I like, but which are also lucrative.

I took this feedback from Constantin, and guess what I did with it?

I improved the process!

In fact, I’m just now structuring the modules for the mentorship program’s new version. A version that will consider everything I learned along the way, from all my mentors, but also my students. My mentees.

I believe the best mentor has to be the best student in turn. That’s why I constantly encourage feedback and improve my program.

Regarding niche discovery, I just inserted two unique exercises in the module. Doing these will help you discover your calling and values and show you what’s right for you.

Especially if you’re only starting.

Things will be much easier if you’re already an expert on a niche.

That’s what Constantin found eventually because I asked him if he found the right area and what he’s planning to do to move up the ladder.

What can earn you heaps of cash from the digital niche that Constantin tackled?

I enjoy and found myself in web design, graphic design, and visuals. Simultaneously, I don’t just want things to look pretty; I mean, I don’t just want websites to look nice – I design them to convert. I plan their structure, ensure a solid copy behind the façade, and work with SEO – but mainly, I guarantee these websites sell! I don’t focus on throwing together a bunch of random animations and colors; I make sure they produce revenue! That’s our job, after all, right?!

And I can confirm from experience that the web + graphic design part can bring enormous financial satisfaction for a freelancer.

If you also have experience in SEO and copywriting (where Constantin is a pro)… things will go smoothly.

Of course, you can make money in other niches, somehow me being the living, breathing example (because I know nothing about graphics or web design). Still, these two areas ensure a fruitful and fast launch. There’s a lot of demand for that on the market.

How should you identify the right niche?

Answer these four questions before starting:

  • What do I like to do?
  • What do I do well?
  • What’s in high demand on the market currently?
  • What’s paying well?

That’s where it all starts. And during the mentorship program, I help you take practical steps to find the answers to all these questions.

You know… In life, you need that bit of luck (that you can create on your own). Let’s see what I’m talking about!

As in my case, Constantin has some lucky stars that aligned perfectly!

Like with my business, the luckiest part is knowing I have all the support I need for the accounting and financial optimization part. That’s Nela’s area. And she’s holding up the business (not just mine, but the companies of many people working with us). Many people who finish the mentorship program with us choose Nela to handle their and their company’s finances. Constantin is one of them.

Well, what’s Constantin’s luck?

Seeing as we were discussing the power of copy in our interview, Constantin is supported by the magical copywriting leprechaun. This leprechaun made his business team whole in an incredibly profitable way. Therefore, he can deliver complete services on the web part: website building + copywriting, + graphics all in one package!

This offer’s impact is incredible when you put it on the market.

How did Constantin handle this part?

He didn’t. His lucky stars did. Just like in my case.

Somehow, when you’re working hard and pushing your limits… to really make a difference… Divinity gets you the precise tools you need on this journey.

That’s what happened with Constantin; Divinity blessed him with the dopest partner, not just in his business, but also in his life. As he admits himself:

Exactly! I have the drippiest copywriting partner. Elena, my life partner, is also now my business partner. We’re both working, and she developed her potential enormously; in, I don’t know, a few months, 6 months, she became a natural phenomenon in copywriting.

So this whole thing went extremely well for us because when she takes a copywriting project (writing texts, posts), the clients almost always ask: “Well, do you have someone who builds the website or does the graphics?”

That’s when Constantin shows up with a magical offer that includes the whole package. And suddenly, from a project initially worth just a few hundred euros… something in a completely different league can pop out.

Of course, now nobody sends you off to marry based on what you want to achieve as a freelancer. :)))

It’s just that… it’s a really huge advantage to have a business partner from that point of view, to work as a team.

Basically, that x2 – x3 – x5 in earnings… can rapidly become x4 – x6 – x10.

When both people pull an oar… the boat’s speed grows… and so does your bank account!

Good, and as a last hurrah…

“If you were to recommend this mentorship program to someone, tell me 3 things that you’d mention,” – I asked Constantin

Let’s see why Constantin recommends investing in a mentorship program with me.

The first reason would be your faith, the faith you instill in others, the one you instilled in me, just like I told you from the beginning. I mean, if you had simply presented the information with a defeatist or fed-up attitude, it wouldn’t have stuck. But when you met me and said: “Come on, let’s do this or that,” it couldn’t have failed! You have this ability to transfer energy and trust, and that honestly helped me a lot to open the company in 3 months and earn from the first!

Next, you have another skill…I don’t know if it’s necessarily a skill, but I’m talking about networking. I mean, you know people, so to speak! Meaning that if I came with a dilemma or a problem or something you didn’t know how to fix, you said: “Ok, I know someone who can do this! They’re a pro! Go speak with them and tell them Claudiu recommended you.”

I don’t know; you have access to people! It’s not an ability per se, but it was more than welcome.

And another thing would definitely be generosity! I can’t even recount the number of resources you’ve given me, contract models, samples for writing; I don’t know, clauses, annexes, for… I don’t know, man., Information, texts… Or I would ask you questions at 10 pm, and you would actually be answering instead of saying: “Oi, give me some space! We’ll talk during the next session!”

About the last part that Constantin mentioned… regarding answering at any time of day… Here… in the new mentorship program, it will be a hoot. We just added extended 100% LIFETIME support!
So even if you finished the program, you have access to me whenever you want, through calls or messages.

And that’s going to make history regarding your results!

Even Constantin told me that counted the most in his case. Possibly more than the actual program. THE AVAILABLE SUPPORT!

I think these extra moments of information, tips, and support possibly weighed more than the sessions. That’s because these moments offered targeted solutions, then, at the moment when I needed them. It was exactly what I needed! Even for that, the program was worth any investment!

That’s why extended support basically exists.

People don’t understand this; they believe it’s bullshit, but that’s why we called it extended support – that’s what you’re doing in a one-on-one mentorship program. You stand beside that person and take their hand to lead them across the finish line, step by step.

Basically, a successful mentorship isn’t something you just do for an hour a week. Talk at the webinar, and then you can handle it. No. This relationship has to be one-on-one until the end.

That’s why I included this thing, and I didn’t even have it well-structured when I worked with Constantin, one of my first mentees.

Now, this extended support is much more solid.

How is Constantin’s future looking after the one-on-one mentorship program with me, which helped him launch in freelancing?

At first, I had this fear; I don’t know… I was first thinking: “Fam, but there are so many people wanting to do this or already doing it….” I was incredibly discouraged and pessimistic: “Why am I adding to the crowd?! Who am I to matter?!”

Perhaps I wasn’t skilled enough in some areas, and I eventually thought to myself: “Oi, I think I just need to hone my skills and abilities, so they’re above average. I don’t need to be top-dog; a bit above average is enough to do a good job and get results that speak for themselves.”

That’s what brought me into the program.

And now… my financial plans… I don’t know… I accomplished everything I wanted at the beginning of the year, and I’m only going upward.

I plan like, to grow my earnings by 50% per year. Now I don’t know how long it will go or if it will go for the next ten years but until now… This year I’ve reached the target each month.

Well, Constantin made his choice. And after he launched from zero, his annual income has been 50% more each year.

And that’s after meeting his first goal—1000 euros per month from his passion.

You can do that too.

Or you can continue to postpone it and go back to complaining about the lack of money, the lack of time… complain you can go on a decent holiday just once every 5 years… that your boss is cheugy and your job is frustrating… that X is a problem… that Y is a problem… and Z and W are your excuses…

OR you can take the plunge too!

I’m waiting for you.

I’m just launching my next stage for one-on-one freelancing mentorship.

If you want a piece of the results’ cake and make money from your passion, work anywhere, and enjoy life…

WRITE TO ME HERE. And together, we’ll reach the pinnacle of success!

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